1. Simple pleasures

    How complex it is today satisfied ourselves?, in today’s world, but even more in the specific situation of Mexico, it is very difficult, if not impossible to give us  luxuries. We have forgotten that we come into this world with the only purpose of living, and what better to enjoy our lives giving us pleasures, although much of what we consider luxuries or pleasures come with a long account of receipts and invoices, but this depends on the display glass you see trough,money can give us pleasure, but not all of us count with  this device so necessary for people today.


    I would like to talk and expose certain pleasures that maybe we have not noticed we have at our reach and do not appreciate them as we should, I mean the simple act of eating, for example, meeting our need for food, drink,sleep, laugh , mourn, and so on…, every time we perform any of these activities,we will automatically come to a sense of relief and happiness. People must learn to appreciate these luxuries and pleasures, that are to our reach fortunately, since they are of equal importance that the ones we get with money.

    These simply pleasures are those that people should focus a little bit more, in order to be happy, so then… , a person is as happy as it propose to be, I have to say, that I’m so f”#$%/() happy.


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